Know About Us

East India Industrial Supplies Pvt Ltd is a leading source provider, presenting health, safety and hygiene products. It is recognized as a brand leader in quality products at a competitive price in global perspectives. This made our path more easy and trouble-free in this segment of health, safety, hygiene and cleanroom products for many years. Due to which, in spite of extensive competitiveness, East India Industrial Supplies Pvt Ltd controlled both local and international markets successfully. The prime motive of our organization is to present certified and qualitative CE and ISO certified products. This uplifted our brand image and reputation within the minds and hearts of the customers. So, regardless of our origin, the customers approach us from various regions.

A brief about our Supplies:

IIn this age of advancement,East India Industrial Supplies Pvt Ltd is a renowned name in both domestic and international markets due to wide variety of products of health, safety, hygiene and cleanroom.Our product line includes head protection, eye protection, respiratory protection, ear protection, fire protection, hands protection, safety boots and shoes, medical gloves, cleanroom gloves, Hi-Visibility workwear, disposable garments, aprons, promotional wear, medical disposable products, road safety and security products.

Our Principles:

East India Industrial Supplies Pvt Ltd is mainly a customer centric organization aiming for high level of customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction continues to be of utmost importance to East India and is a driving force to achieve its future goals We are always endeavoring to present customized range of quality products at an affordable cost. This enhanced the brand equity and uniqueness of our organization.

East India Industrial Supplies Pvt Ltd tries to offer the products and services to its customers within the stipulated time frame. Our ability to meet quick turnaround requests makes us best in the industry.

Highly qualified staff at East India always tries to exceed customer quality demands and expectations.